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Configure status e-mail

A status email is sent only once a day on weekdays. The function is used to help employees getting a daily (or weekly) status e-mail sent with information on the outstanding issues they encounter in Acubiz. This is done to:

  • Employees
  • Approvers

Status e-mail is sent to users who have outstanding expenses or unused pictures (actions) or have expenses for approval.

Users who does not have outstanding expenses or pictures or expenses for approval will not recieve a mail.

Distribution of Status email:
As an administrator, you can both enable and disable the status e-mail and choose which days of the week they should be sent.


Select the My Settings in the menu in the right corner.

In the infobox, select the ADMIN tab:


Select the days the company wants to broadcast the status e-mail to the users. Finish by pressing Save.

Status mail for unused receipts:
This option determines whether a user should receive a status mail if the user ONLY has receipts that are not affiliated with a transaction - so-called unused receipts.

Example of status e-mail to the employee:

Example of status e-mail to an approver:


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