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Fast Track - information

In Acubiz, a user can be set up to run Fast Track. Fast Track is a question as to whether a user can send expenses directly from the mobile phone (Acubiz One), or whether the user must send a receipt via Acubiz One and then login to Acubiz Web and send for approval from there.

Fast Track is time saving for users, thus they only should handle the costs once.

Remarks about Fast Track:

  • CAPTURE direct is a premium subscription.
  • The company's rules on proper accounting need to be performed directly in the Acubiz One app from the options that are available in the app.
  • Companies with a customization to their rules for accounting and dimensioning, that are not within AcubizEMS standard configuration, can not use Acubiz One Fast Track.
  • Acubiz One Fast track can be enabled/disabled per. employee
  • Acubiz One Fast track can be configured to handle [Only cash expenses] or [only credit card] or [cash expenses and credit cards]
  • Cash expenses will be forwarded for approval immediately.
  • After you use your credit card and take picture of your receipts there will usually go about 1-2 days before it is sent for approval.

Activation of Fast Track affects all Acubiz Apps.

  • Acubiz One
  • Old apps: CAPTURE + MILEAGE + TIME

User configuration:

A user can be configured as follows with the following options


Enable Fast Track and select the options the user should have in the App.


Buttons in Acubiz Capture are...

  • Cash
  • Company Card
  • Cash and Company Card
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