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You can always find your own transactions in AcubizEMS. First, you define what you want to find and then fill in the search form so you make the correct filtering.

Tap the search icon


The search form opens:


Find cash expenses within september 2015
Below is an actual example where we will find all the cash expenses you (as an employee) made in September.

First select the type you want to find:

Then the selected date range:

When all is selected, the search is done by pressing Search at the top of the form and your search results will appear:

The possibilities for very specific searches are many. There may often be situations where there are defined to many filtering criterias that does not give any results. So you should be extra aware that your filtering choices not excludes results.

Filtering options:


Search on exactly the type of cost to be found.

Includes: Advances, Allowance, cash expenses, Mileage, E-transactions,  Expense reports and requisitions

Searches can be made single or multiple by checking the boxes in the list of the types is required in the search results.


Expenses declined by the approver. Located in the employee unprocessed area.

Expenses not sent to the approver. Located in the employee unprocessed area.

Reported ready
Expenses sent for approval and not approved yet.

Expenses approved but not settled.

Expenses are settled and ready for export (Salary Etc.). You can search on several at once by ticking the boxes on the list.

Expense type
The options in this list represents the company's accounts, and the types of expenses provided to employees.
Options are the created users, depends on the rights of the active user.
Showing expenses related to expenses / travel in the country.
Date to- and from

Fra dato: Skal der søges f.eks. fra 1.10.2015 à i dag, udfyldes kun dato i ”fra dato feltet”. Indtil dato: Skal der søges på alt indtil (f.eks.) 01-10-2015, behøves der kun at skrives dato i til feltet. Periodesøgning. Angiv da start- og slut dato i begge felter.

From date: 01/10/2015
To date: 10/10/2015 
Period Search. Enter both the from and to dates.

Amount from and to:

From amount:
If the search should be from 500 DKK and more, only the from field needed.

To amount:
Search on everything under (ex.) 500 DKK, only amount in the to field.

Interval search:
Enter amounts in both fields


 List of supported and installed currencies. Select your desired currency.
Search for

This field searches all text across the filtering options. Can be used for specific searches, such as finding all expenses related to a company, for example: COMPANYNAME.

Individually from company to company. You can search by expenses related to a dimension.

Note: To extensive filtering may show no search results.



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