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Choose your search result layout with view profiles

In AcubizEMS you can create one or more view profiles for your searches. This means that you, depending on the search, can view data on different view profiles. It could be important to get Km when searching for mileage, and it is important to get the amounts when you are looking at expenses.

There are three elements to consider:

  1. List of already saved view's profiles (Default is the default)
  2. Edit the list selected view's profile
  3. Create a new view profile.

Create a new view profile:
Want to create a view profile, click on the create view profile icon and you get to the setup form for a new view profile.

Decide on the following elements:

  • Profil name:
    This is the name you will see in the list of saved view profiles
  • Selection order
    Enter a numeric value that will sort your created view profiles from low --> highest value.
  • Categorise the first column
    Select Yes to this, if you want grouped search results by column. Ex. first column being an employee name.
  • Sort the second column
    Select Yes to this, if you want the second column sorted in order.
  • Summarise numeric columns
    Select Yes to this, if you want a summation of numerical values (eg. Amount) as an extra line in your search results.

Column setup:
You can choose your own personal layout and select the columns that have the information you want in the search result. You can select up to eight columns, and at least one column.

Select a label/column and press the arrow to the right, to get it over to the selected columns. Remove columns by selecting the selected columns and press the arrow to the left - this removes the column.

You can also change the order of your chosen columns:

Select column, move the arrow up, move down with the down arrow.

Press Save when done.


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