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Settlement of cash advances

When working with advances in Acubiz it's about the following:

  • Cash Advance
    You have been given 500 EUR in cash from the company's finance department.
  • Returned cash advance
    When returned form your trip you have 200EUR unused cash and would like to return them to the company's finance department.

We have the following example:

Before traveling:For your business trip you need a cash advance of EUR 500 and you receive 500 EUR in cash to the trip. The company's finance department creates a transaction for you in AcubizEMS which will be in your unprocessed area (as below).

This advance will be waiting for you to settle when you return from your trip.

In principle this is an advance on your salary, but you will not be withdrawn before you settle your costs (shown below)

When travelling
While traveling you use the money you have received from the company:

  • 225 EUR on taxi
  • 70 EUR on food
  • 5 EUR on coffee

Note: The above cash expenses are made using Acubiz One

Du har altså samlet benyttet 300 EUR af de 500 EUR du havde modtaget fra firmaet og har derfor 200 EUR med retur fra din rejse.

All together you have used EUR 300 of the 500 EUR you had received from the company and has EUR 200 left to return.

Returning from your trip.
Du går ned i Finans afdelingen og returnerer de 200 EUR du har med retur. Finans afdelingen opretter en transaktion til dig i AcubizEMS som vil ligge i dit ubehandlede område som nedenfor:

You visit the Finance Department and returns the 200 EUR you have to return. The Finance department creates a transaction for you in AcubizEMS which will be placed in your unprocessed area as below:

Nu skal du foretage din afregning af de omkostninger du har foretaget. Din ubehandlede oversigt indeholder følgende transaktioner

Now you must make your expense settlement of the costs you have had. Your unprocessed area contains the following transactions

Do the following:

  • Create an Expense Report
  • Indsæt de transaktioner der er relevante (Kontante udlæg og forskud)
  • Insert the transactions that are relevant (Cash expenses and advances)

Your Expense Report should represent as below:


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