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Change approver

Situations may arise where an approver has costs for approval but that the expenses should be moved to another approver. It could be the following scenarios:

  • The approver want another to approve the expenses
  • The approver are on holiday
    The approver is on sick leave
    The approver is stopped
    ... or other

Note: Use the Out Of Office feature in case of vacation or illness.

Go to FINANCE --> At approver.

  • Select the approver that has the expenses
  • Select the employee the expense comes from
  • Select the expenses to be moved to another approver
  • Click the Change approver button at the top
  • Select the new approver
  • Press OK.

The transaction will be moved to the new approver.

Note that a change of Approver can trigger an e-mail with information for the new approver that there are new transactions to be processed.

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