To make an export file

I Acubiz skal der foretages flere forskellige eksporter til hhv. firmaets ERP og løn system. Det afhænger af virksomhedens opsætning præcist hvilke eksporter der skal foretages. AcubizEMS kan foretage følgende eksporter:

In Acubiz there can be made several exports respectively to the company's ERP and payroll system. It depends on the company configuration exactly which exports to be made. AcubizEMS can make the following export:

  • Export of advance preregistration
  • Export credit cards arrival registration (provision)
  • Export of settled costs (Expense reports)
  • Exports invoiced credit card transactions
  • Export of salary-related costs
  • Exports of time registration for payroll

Making an export:This shows how to perform an export of settled costs (travel expenses).


This view shows the settled costs that are ready to be exported to the ERP system.

Click Export all

Select the export profile to be used. In this case, use 1. Cost (Expense reports ...). Press Start Export.

AcubizEMS forms an export report where the created export-file can be downloaded.

Right mouse click on the file name and select save link as.

Choose a destination for the file and press Save

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