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Final Finance approval before export

In AcubizEMS there is always a last stop before creating a posting file for the ERP system - the FINANE APPROVAL.

When the settled expenses comes to Finance approval, they have been through the flow: EMPLOYEE -> APPROVER. That is, that the expenses are approved by the employees approver at this time. Although the manager-approval has been made, the finance department always makes the final check of all expenses.


Above shows a list of expenses that are to be approved by FINANCE. FINANCE has (usually) the following checkpoints of expenses:

  • Is the expense accounting properly
  • Can the documentation be read (picture of receipts)
  • Is dimensioning correct (department, project, etc.).

Finance department also has the opportunity to make small corrections of the expenses booking and dimensioning. Finance can not add or remove enclosures.

When the costs are checked there are two options:

  • Approve expenses (marking them ready for export)
  • Reject expenses (back to either the employee or approver).
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