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CAPTURE overview

CAPTURE is an app that makes life easier for all who makes reimbursement of travel expenses. Both the finance department, approvers and especially the employees saves time on document management of receipts.

When you use your credit card - take a picture of your receipt, and don't think about saving it for later use. AcubizEMS and CAPTURE ensure that your receipts are documenting your costs.

CAPTURE app offers many functions and settings:


  • Camera:
    Use your smartphone's built-in camera to take pictures of your receipts.
  • Cameraroll:
    Use images you have taken with your smartphone and use relevant images as your receipt. It may be that you have taken a picture of your receipt directly with the camera or that you've taken a screenshot of a receipt from another app.
  • Unprocessed:
    Shows a list of unprocessed transactions with no image attached.
  • Transfer:
    In the settings menu you can choose that your expenses and credit card receipts should to be transferred manually (not immediately). All your receipts will be in a queue for transmission. Use this feature if you have receipts that are not transferred to Acubiz. (Note that when receipts are in the queue, they exist only on your mobile phone - not Acubiz)
  • Settings:
    Under settings you can make multiple choices to how CAPTURE are used. You can select which connection type is preferred, as well as receipts to be transferred immediately or queued for later manual transmission. Additionally, you can perform an update of the settings directly from the Acubiz server. This update downloads the latest information relating to dimensions, countries, currencies and expense types
  • About:
    Information about version and app,
  • Log out
    Loggin out of the app, and give the user ID and password to log in again. Use this function if it is a common multi-user phone and not a personal phone.

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