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TIME category with balance tracking


In Acubiz TIME, a category can be created where budgets can be used so that the user can see how much is left of the budget.

This requires that the TIME category is set up to use budgets (example for vacation):


Then a budget must be created per. employee.


In TIME => FINANCE => BUDGET PREPARATION the budgets can be created - Press CREATE BUDGET.



Fill in the information:

  • A: Select the employee to create the budget for
  • B: Enter a unique ID for this budget.
    • In this case, it is a combination of [INITIALS] _ [PAYMENT CODE] _ [PERIOD] = "AAA_Ferie_2019_20".
  • C: Account name. Here you select the TIME category to create the budget for
  • D: Write the budgeted number of days the user has in the current period.
  • E: Enter the date when the period starts.


Then the budgets are shown by the employees:


A budget has now been set up for this employee.

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