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Change e-mail content

All e-mails sent from AcubizEMS is, by default, set up with standard text content, which constitute the content of the e-mails that are sent. Changing the contents of an e-mail consists of change in two areas on each e-mail:

  • Subject
  • Content

There can be made changed to both the subject line and the mail content, but the content itself is "wrapped" in Acubiz design - regardless of the changing content.


Find the email you want to change and click on the language (ex. UK)

Now the subject line and content can be changed as needed.

Note: The default text is in English.


The items that are surrounded by [xxxxx] are system values. Could be:

  • Name of the sender
  • Name of receiver
  • loginid
  • Status messages
  • ... and much more

Click the manilla note to insert one or more system values as needed.

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