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Get ready to Go-Live

As administrator in Acubiz EMS there are some important steps to go through before “go-live”.

Basic checklist:
This is some basic guidelines to follow to ensure correct configuration

  • Dimensions:
    - Are all dimensions created?
    - Are all dimensions up-to-date?
  • Employees:
    - Are all employees created?
    - Does all employees have assigned an approver?
    - Is the correct default dimensions chosen?
    - Is the correct groups assigned to the employees?
    - Is the correct account information listed on the individual employees?
  • Expense accounts:
    - Are all expense accounts created?
    - Does all expense accounts have the most logical name/label?
    - Does all expense accounts have the correct ERP account information?
    - Does all expense accounts have the correct VAT information?
    - Is there an "other expenses" account created?

Acubiz EMS solution settings:
Follow these three steps to make your AcubizEMS ready to Go-Live.

  1. Random password activated
  2. Activate e-mail sending
  3. Notify users! Send welcome e-mail

1. Activate random password:

During the implementing period the default password were password. It is recomended that AcubizEMS are configured to generete an individual password for each user at Go-Live.

As an ADMIN go to My settings using the red gear button in the top right corner.

The my settings info box opens. Click on the Admin (global) pane

  • Activate Random Password by clicking Random
  • Set password complexity level for creating new passwords
  • Choose Save

Now alle generated passwords are created by AcubizEMS password generator.

2. Activate e-mail sending:
Before Go-Live is is required to activate the e-mail sending.

As ADMIN do the following to activate e-mail notifications.
Go to ADMIN --> Additional settings --> Email setup

Pres the edit button

Check the folloowing settings:

  • Is the system active ? – If No- Then select Yes.
  • Is default receiver filled? If Yes, empty the field (remove the default e-mail address) and leave the field empty
  • Save the changes

3. Notify users:
All users recieves a welcome mail

Now your AcubizEMS is ready to Go-Live

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