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Information about TravelID (RejseID)

When AcubizEMS process transactions all transactions will be assigned a unique TravelID (or RejseID). This TravelID follows the transaction throughout AcubizEMS and can be used for, at a later time, to find specific transactions.

When the employee treats its expenses, not all transactions are "born" with a TravelID immediately, where other first are assigned a TravelID when reported ready (submitted for approval).

Assigned a Travel ID when created:

    When a Expense Report are created it is assigned a TravelID immediately. This can be found under Additional information on the bottom of the Expense Report (Ex: 1000002).
  • Enclosures attached to an Expense Report inherits the same TravelID as the Expense Report with an additional document number (Ex. 1000002-1 ... 1000002-2 ... etc.)
  • - This applies to credit card transactions, cash expenses, Allowances, Driving, Advances

Assigned a TravelID when reported ready (sent for approval)

The following documents (transactions) are assigned a TravelID when reported ready (Sent for approval).

  • Credit card transactions
  • Cash expenses (also created via CAPTURE)
  • Driving
  • Allowances
  • Cash advances


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