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Upload document or file to a transaction

Do you have a file or document to be used as a receipt for an expense, this can be uploaded directly from your PC.

The following file formats are accepted:

  • Documents: PDF files
  • Images: JPG, PNG, GIF

Do you have documents in different file format, these should be converted to PDF format before uploading.

It is possible to upload files and documents by 2 different scenarios, but the method to upload are the same

1: Upload directly to an expense:

If you have already received transactions that are missing the file you have on your PC, you can upload it directly to the transaction.

Click the camera icon next to the transaction that should have the file attached

You then select the file from your PC

The file is now attached to the transaction - note the "1" next to the camera icon:

2: Upload for later use (archive).

If you want to upload a document to a transaction you await, use the menuitem Receipts.

Then select a file from your computer:

And the file are saved for later use, so it can be attached to transactions by clicking the camera icon next to the transaction.

Select the document you want to attach:

and the document are attached to the transaction.


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