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New in version R6.50

Overview of the news that comes with the latest version of AcubizEMS version R6.50.

Dash Board menu.

  • Displaying the number of transactions, which are pending in the individual listings
  • One Click Access to lists of unprocessed transactions

Option to link to your own:

  • Company Policy / business policy
  • SOS / Contact details
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel agency


Company Policy Manager

A common term for all the elements that Acubiz EMS ensures that employees and other users to comply according the policies and guidelines of the companies.

Eg. by requirements for:

  • Cost level
  • Maximum amounts
  • Documentation
  • Receipt

Important to Finance spending their time to check what is relevant - not to control everything!

Acubiz EMS already contains some features to control expenses. The are optimized by combining features to a total pallette, which becomes: Acubiz Company Policy Manager

Qualified Financial Control
Finance must take the time to check what is important and risky

Checking a percentage of expenses:

  • Limit can be set for each employee
  • Limit can be set for the whole company (for employees who do not have their own limit):

If the Company policy is violated:

  • If the amount of a cost over x DKK or country on cost is X, Y or Z
    Documents rejected by finance will always come to financial approval again!


Company Policy Icon (link)
Select the icon to access the link to the company's internet or PDF document


More Companies / Same Users
Now all your business' EMS'er are linked together and use the same users.

The users should not log into different EMS'er - they can log into their own EMS once and for all.

  • A user is employee of one EMS - 'home EMS' and can also access the other company-EMS'es.
  • Users management are centralized
  • Users are only created once
  • Users have only one password
  • Consistent login in apps


Acubiz Capture news

Dimension-controlled accounts are now supported in Capture.

Company Policy is supported so the user when creating documents must fill out the relevant information.

When receipts are sent into the EMS, a copy of the receipt are automatically saved in Camera Roll (can be deactivated), so the user does not have any doubts about the receipts are submitted.

Example: Common devices in the Office Front Desk can now be activated in "kiosk mode" that automatically logs users out when Capture go to the home screen. Then your casual workers not "worry" about whether they are logged in as another user.

Acubiz Mileage news

Dimensions now in Mileage
Other system fix'es

New app for approval of Fast Track transactions (ie. Single transactions, including Time) and supports multiple EMS'er.

Other treats:

  • Logging of person related data
  • Mail-In Travel Agency
  • Single sign-on
  • 3402 Declaration
  • Data Handling Agreement


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