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CAPTURE settings

In CAPTURE, there are several settings that can be adjusted according to your needs.

Setting overview:




Only WIFI:
Off: CAPTURE uses all active connections (both WiFi and cellular data). On: uses ONLY WIFI connection when available.

Manual transfer:
Off: Receipts are transferred automatically. ON: Receipts are transferred manually when needed.

Find receipt:
This function tries to find the optimal cropping of the receipt.

Find amount (OCR):
This function scannes your image to find something that "looks like" an amount. The intelligence in Find amount are continually being optimized.

Use filters:
With filters you can adjust your receipt from color to black/white or grayscale. It may in some situations make your receipt more readable by using filters.

Add to camera roll:
This feature is a security feature that adds yur receipts to your camera roll along with your regular photos. Call it a kind of local backup. If there are transfer-errors in the data transfer, you can therefor transfer the receipt at a later time.

  • Note: Activation of one or more of the above features require resources on your smartphone. Among other things Find amounts (OCR) is a resource-intensive operation. Do you find that your phone has long processing time, this feature may be deactivated.

 The functions are activated or deactivated by the slide lever to the right or left.

Remember country:
Automatically remembers last used land.

Remember currency:
Automatically remembers last used currency


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