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Approve overview

Approve is an App for approvers in Acubiz EMS. Important information about this version of APPROVE.

  • Only valid approvers in the first indent. Does not apply to secondary approvers or Financial approvers.
  • Applies only to the approval of single transactions. Can not approve Expense reports.


  1. Menu
  2. Back to previous page (Company Selection)
  3. Search function - can search across information eg. Name, cost, amount.
  4. Sorting option
  5. List of possible transactions to be approved/Declined.

Transavtion overview:

  1. Name of the employee who has submitted for approval
  2. Information about dimension values
  3. Amount and currency
  4. Cost Selection
  5. Button for approval
  6. Button for Declining
  7. Button for displaying the receipt.
  8. Type of transaction (Credit Cards, Expenses, Travel, etc.).
  9. Date
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