FTP - Folder structure

If automatic exports and imports to/from Acubiz are activated, export files will be placed in specific folders on Acubiz FTP server. From here they can be downloaded when needed.

Exportes from Acubiz:
Acubiz creates exportfiles every day at. 16:00 CET (If anything to export), and each file has a unique file name. If the files are not downloaded daily, there will be numerus files in each of the folders. 

Export folder structure:

Exporttype Folder name
Cash advances \FromAcubiz\AdvancePrereg\
Accruals (E-transactions) \FromAcubiz\EtransPrereg\
Costs \FromAcubiz\Costs\
Invoice (E-transactions) \FromAcubiz\EtransInvoices\
Salaryfile* \FromAcubiz\Salary\
Pictures/reciepts (JPG/PDF) \FromAcubiz\Files\

* Noamally the salary file are created manually and therefore not automatic exported. 

The files that are automatic exported is depending on the configuration of Acubiz.

Imports to Acubiz:
Hvis der skal foretages automatiske import af følgende data, skal nedenstående mappestruktur benyttes: If automatic imports of data are needed, the following folder structure is used: 

Import folder structure:

Importtype Mappenavn
Userdata \ToAcubiz\Users\Import\
Dimensions values ToAcubiz\Dimensions\Import\

When the import is complete, the imported file are placed in the Imported folder.

System imports to Acubiz:
Acubiz uses the following directories for system-related entries of E-transactions. These should not be used to other purposes.

Importtype Mappenavn
E-transactions (system) \Etransactions\[**vendor**]

[**vendor**] folder can vary depending of the vendor used.

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