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FTP - Folder structure

If automatic exports and imports to/from Acubiz are activated, export files will be placed in specific folders on Acubiz FTP server. From here they can be downloaded when needed.


  1. Acubiz does not retrieve files (data) from external sources (FTP servers). Files (data) must be delivered (transferred) to Acubiz FTP server for further processing.
  2. Acubiz does not deliver files (data) to external sources (FTO servers). Files (data) must be retrieved (transferred) from Acubiz FTP server to the company's internal systems for further processing.

Export: data from Acubiz:
Acubiz creates exportfiles every day at. 16:00 CET (If anything to export), and each file has a unique file name. If the files are not downloaded daily, there will be numerus files in each of the folders. 

Export folder structure:

Exporttype Folder name
Cash advances \FromAcubiz\AdvancePrereg\
Accruals (E-transactions) \FromAcubiz\EtransPrereg\
Costs \FromAcubiz\Costs\
Invoice (E-transactions) \FromAcubiz\EtransInvoices\
Salaryfile* \FromAcubiz\Salary\
Pictures/reciepts (JPG/PDF) \FromAcubiz\Files\

* Noamally the salary file are created manually and therefore not automatic exported. 

The files that are automatic exported is depending on the configuration of Acubiz.

Import: data to Acubiz:
If automatic imports of data are needed, the following folder structure is used: 

Import folder structure:

Importtype Foldername
Userdata \ToAcubiz\Users\Import\
Dimensions values ToAcubiz\Dimensions\Import\

When the import is complete, the imported file are placed in the Imported folder.

System imports to Acubiz:
Acubiz uses the following directories for system-related entries of E-transactions. These should not be used to other purposes.

Importtype Foldername
E-transactions (system) \Etransactions\[**vendor**]

[**vendor**] folder can vary depending of the vendor used.

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