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Access security

In Acubiz One version 1.2.0 (released May 10, 2018) and later, it is possible to further secure Acubiz One.

Once you have logged in to Acubiz One, select menu BurgerMenu_ipad.png and then SETTINGS Settings-50_2x.png in the menu:

Under Settings, click SECURITY and enable the USE PASSCODE item:



When you enable passcode, you will be asked to enter the personal passcode you want. This passcode is for only for Acubiz One and may therefore be a different passcode than the one you use on your phone.

The RENEW PASSCODE item allows you to update / change your current passcode to another.

TouchID or FaceID (Specific to iOS products).

To further enhance security, you can choose to activate your TouchID (Fingerprint) or FaceID (face recognition). This requires that the phone you have supports these features.

Opening Acubiz One will now require either TouchID or FaceID


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