News In Version R6.80

Overview of the news that comes with the latest version of Acubiz EMS version R6.80.


All presentations used for the main presentation and workshops are available for download at the bottom in this article.

Release notes for spring 2018



  • Provisioned for Acubiz One functionality
    • Editing and deleting transactions for users (note: E-transactions and expenses work without EMS version R 6.80)
    • Editing and deleting transactions for approval
    • Full support for country rules for mileage in SE, NO, FI and DE.
    • Create and manage expense report in App
    • Option to either save the transaction/Expense Report or send the transaction/Expense Report for approval
  • Finance and Admin improvements
    • Obvious search button during the finance and hour registration, as well as the ability to enable search by hitting enter from free text fields.
    • Option to set up employee view. For enterprise customers, the list does not load users before doing a search, which results in quicker response time for the user. 
    • The possibility to sort users out from the EMS they belong to and the EMS they have access to.
    • Filter transactions for finance approval:
      • View 1: Default (possible to configure for accounts, dimensions, etc.)
      • View 2: Filter By Employee
      • View 3: Filter By Type (expenses, e-transactions, mileage, allowances, etc.)
  • Travel Management Service (TMS)
  • Invoice Management Service (IMS)

Acubiz One

1.0.9 Previously released

  • Photos taken with Acubiz One are saved in the image folder on the phone
  • Improved mileage registration
    • Saving previously entered registration number
  • Improved expense registration
    • Better image cropping of receipts
    • Improved amount scanning (OCR)
  • Improved time registration
    • Correct sorting of categories during time registration
    • Correct calculation of dates in time registration
    • Ability to registrer specific time periods

1.1.0 Previously released 

  • Editing and deleting transactions for users (note: Editing and deleting all other transaction types other than E-transactions and expenses requires EMS version R 6.80)
  • Add and/or modify dimension values for multiple transactions simultaneously
  • Improved amount scanning (OCR)
  • Overall performance improvements

1.2.0 Last released

  • TouchID, FaceID or pin code to unlock the Acubiz One app
  • Reports on Time items
  • Optimized user interface for iPad and Android tablet devices
  • Full support for country rules for mileage in SE, NO, FI and DE (NB: Requires EMS R 6.80)
  • Performance improvements (faster load time in App)

1.3.0- Start June

  • Create and manage Expense Reports in App (NB: Requires EMS R 6.80)
  • Option to either save the transaction/expense report or send the transaction/expense report for approval (note: Requires EMS R 6.80)
  • Performance improvements (better start-up experience)

1.4.0 Coming end of June/start july

  • Change Acubiz password directly in App (custom password)
  • Viewing of advance transactions in App
  • Share your photos, documents, attachments and more directly from your phone into Acubiz One with the sharing-icon on your phone.
  • Upload multiple images at a time
  • Minimize an active mileage tracking and using Acubiz One for other registrations (multitasking)

1.5.0 Coming mid July

  • Editing and deleting transactions for approver (note: Requires EMS R 6.80)
  • Quick action via Force Touch shortcuts (iOS)
  • Ability to create Acubiz One widgets on your phone


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