Create Expense report


To use the Expense Report feature in Acubiz, this feature must be activated. Contact Acubiz for further information.

Create a Expense Report:

The transactions you want on an Expense Report must be selected from your front page. Click as shown below:


This will open a list of transactions that can be selected. Click the icons on the transactions that are going on an Expense Report:


In the top right corner click the 3 dots and select Create Expense Report:


Now create an Expense Report with the three selected transactions:


Now you decide whether to save or send for approval.

Delete an Expense Report


If you have created a Expense Report you want to delete, proceed as follows:

Click on the Expense Report you want to delete (shown below)


When you open the Expense Report click the waste bin in the upper right corner:


Note: If the Expense Report contains one or more attachments when you delete, these attachments will be returned to your overview - the attachments will not be deleted.

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