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Version 1.5


Only iOS specific - Android not updated.

Minor userinterface timezone issue fix.


Both platforms (iOS + Android)

New Functionality

  • Native sharing of PDF’s

Bugfixes & improvements

  • Users with Expense Report: If configured toNOT allow for single transactions - Only save is available => No submit on single transactions.
  • Expense report: Usability Improvements
  • Filtering icons - Only show what is availablet to the user
  • Time Categories sort order implemented
  • Passcode with no touch-/faceid. If user forgets passcode app has to be re-installed. Fixed by adding a logout button
  • Upload from Gallery with setting "save images", now does not dublicate picture
  • More EMS approval bar improvement: Now includes "total for approval"
  • Change password, now prompts to make sure it was not "by accident"
  • Dashboard Widgets - Time: Nothing to see. Please continue :-) has been changed ...
  • Dashboard Widgets - Expenses: Only show type(s) available (cash/card)
  • Dashboard Widgets - All; usability: Swiping sections more smooth (iOS)
  • Improved errorhandling
  • And several other minor bugs and improvements reported by the business



Approver editing:

Now with option for approvers to edit transactions (additional function). Registration types that can be edited by the approver are:

  • Cash expenses and company card transactions
  • Mileage
  • Allowance
  • Time

Version Requirements for Approver editing: EMS Version 6.80. App Version 1.5.1.

Send Support e-mail

Ability to send an email with Acubiz One system data for support. The function is available under Settings: "Send app information".



Icons in Acubiz One have got a little update. They are now all one-dimensional and more streamlined. The driving actions have been given new icons to meet the desire to no longer use the word "manual" driving. The original car icon with an M became misleading in this regard. Therefore, preferred action for entering driving is now a card with start and end point. This indicates a drive made with "maps". The text is "Enter Drive" in the menu. Automatic driving is still a car, but now with a GPS indicator.


Driving calculation of route and distance seems occasional, reported 09-08-2018

Google's API service change is now handled in the Acubiz One. Ie The app has access to and can use the new Google Directions API.



  • Editing and deleting transactions for approver (note: Requires EMS R 6.80)
  • Quick action via Force Touch shortcuts (iOS)
  • Ability to create Acubiz One widgets on your phone
  • The ability to change passwords directly in the app
  • The ability to share PDF documents with the app
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