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New in Version R7.0


Overview of the news that comes with the latest version of Acubiz EMS version R6.80.


All presentations used for the main presentation and workshops are available for download at the bottom in this article.

Release notes for spring 2018


Name Description
Updated UK allowance and driving
Updated NO allowance and driving
Safe regeneration of password
Dropdown with valid VAT codes Instead of remembering all the VAT codes and even typing them, you can now select the valid VAT codes in a dropdown.
2. Approver / Step-by-step approval Option for step-by-step approval with two approvers
Acubiz One ready for v. 1.6.0 til 1.9.0
Possibility to change the account of cash withdrawal to other than the expense account
Integration to Business Central
IMS 1.1 IMS by default in R7.00
Authorizer edit on Expense report
Secretary rights A secretary shall be able to assist a list of employees with their transactions. Therefore they have to have rights to create, edit and so on on  behalf of an employee. (Change user)
Split on dimensions A user shall be able to split a transaction on multiple dimensions. 
Approve invoice An authorizer shall be able to approve or  an invoice in the app. 
New version pop-up
App redesign Login screen, splash screen, animation usage, new tabs look, dropdowns and new filter on Approval area, settings redesing 
Native sharing of StoreBox receipts
Secondary authorizer (Out of office) An authorizer shall be able to enable "Out of office" status in the app. 
Add country specific rules for UK (Allowance + Mileage) Update existing transaction types to include all fileds in regard to Milage and Allowance in UK. 
Report on Exspenses, Mileage and Allowance A user shall be able to make reports on exspenses, mileage and allowance. 
Unit A user shall be able to create a unit.
Change authorizer A user shall be able to change their authorizer.
Forward transaction to another authorizer An authorizer shall be able to forward an incoming transaction to another authorizer. 






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