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Vendors/suppliers - IMS

Acubiz Invoice Management Service requires suppliers to be set up for further processing. The Vendor must be created with correct information also in relation to the ERP system.

  • Vendors are used to:
    • Locate standard setup, eg, accounting
    • Locate the requester and approver
  • It is the CVR (VAT) number, which is key in connection with scanning invoices and Vendors
  • Vendors must be created before an invoice can be sent to the requester
  • There must be no two vendors with the same CVR number

Create vendor:

When creating a new vendor, select VENDORS and CREATE NEWIMS_Vendor_Admin_EN.png

Enter the relevant information to use:

  • Name: The vendor's name must be unique
  • CVR no: The supplier's CVR number with country in front (eg DK12345678)
  • Country: Country of Vendor
  • Vendor VAT number: Same as CVR number (normally)
  • Accounts in ERP: Account number on which the invoice is to be posted in the accounting system - typically a vendor number


Press SAVE

After the supplier is saved, additional settings must be made.

  • Rekvirent: Standard rekvirent angivet på nye fakturaer på den valgte leverandør
  • Godkender: Standard godkender på nye fakturaer på den valgte leverandør
  • Send direkte til rekvirent: Skal nye fakturaer fra denne leverandør, automatisk sendes til rekvirent efter skanning
  • Yderligere indstillinger for kontering:
    • Indstillinger for standardkontering på nye fakturaer/når der vælges leverandør, på faktura til denne leverandør.



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