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Accounts - IMS


The chart of accounts in IMS is separate from the chart of accounts in EMS and must therefore be maintained independently.

  • The accounts to be created are all those to be applied to an invoice.
  • It's not the same list as in Acubiz EMS - because employee-related costs are usually much more limited
  • It is not the entire chart of accounts - because there are accounts that do relates to invoicing. Examples could be payroll, cash, etc.

Creating Accounts:


Press CREATE NEW to create a new account:



The following information must be provided:

  1. Is the account active put "notch". If the "notch" is not set, the account is created but cannot be selected in the flow.
  2. The sort order specifies the order in the chart of accounts. Setting "0" the sorting is  alphabetically.
  3. The name of the account is entered here. The text shown to the employee is this value + account number.
  4. Specified whether it is a FINANCE, DEBITOR or CREDITOR account (Default is FINANCE)
  5. Enter the account number in the ERP system for this account
  6. Specifying a default VAT code when selecting the account.
  7. If a dimension (ie. Project) is required on this account, this is stated here.

Press SAVE and the account has been created.


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