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Invoice Management process and flow

Overall process flow for Invoice Management Service (IMS).

  • Processes outside Acubiz IMS:
    • A: An email is sent with attached PDF-invoice to [org]
    • B: Invoice data is read via BilagsScan
    • C: Data from ERP to Bank/Supplier
  • Processes within Acubiz IMS
    • 1..6: Process and process in Acubiz IMS (see below)



Acubiz IMS works with different roles:

  • Invoice Processor
    • User who handles incoming invoices
  • Requester
    • The user who initiated the purchase must be processed in Acubiz IMS
  • Approver
    • User to approve invoices (whose approval is selected)
  • Finance
    • User that handles the final flow and export to ERP
  • Administrator
    • User that creates suppliers, accounts and other settings

See set up access and rights >>

Detailed overview of the process of treatment in Acubiz IMS.

  1. Treat mail with delivered invoice
  2. Validation of supplier
  3. Accounting
  4. Approval
  5. Financials Approval
  6. Export to ERP




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