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Scanned Invoices - IMS

If the supplier indicates that it must be automatically sent to the requester, the invoice will not be in this area.

When an invoice is scanned and is located in this area, the following scenarios can occur:

  1. The supplier is not known because the supplier is not established in IMS
  2. There is no indication of the requester
  3. There is no indication of the approver


If a supplier is missing, the picture below will be displayed. Often the correct VAT number is read, but the vendor is not created in IMS (in this case). Therefore, it must be created first.


If the vendor is not created, it must be created:

Then click the edit button (pen) to add the correct supplier


Press SAVE and in the overview it is now updated with the correct supplier




Depending on the setup of the supplier and the further process, there must be:

  • Specified a requester (if necessary)
  • Specified an approver
  • Specify the posting string: Account, dimensions, VAT code etc.
    • Specified (possibly) most often before invoice is sent in flow
    • Otherwise, the posting can be specified by the following when they receive it for processing:
      • Requester
      • Approver
      • By finance approval
  • Forward it in the process

Indication of the requester and / or approver::

This is done at two stages:


Then the invoice is updated with the new flow:


Specifying the posting string:

At the bottom of each invoice, the posting string can be specified as needed:

Here you can specify:

  • Dimensions (ie. company code, project etc.)
  • Account
  • Description
  • VAT


The invoice can now be forwarded for processing.


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