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Swedish representation's VAT split / allocation


Due to specific Swedish rules for raising VAT on representation, here is a guide to setup and procedure:

The following tool from the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) can be used for correct calculation.

Note: This tool is not under the responsibility of Acubiz and is subject to change without notice.


In order for the correct VAT split to be made, the following accounts must be created in Acubiz:

It is important that the 3 new accounts are created so that they are only used on a split account, as follows:


After creating all accounts, the setup below must be present in the Acubiz chart of accounts:




At financial approval, the individual costs incurred on REPRESENTATION must be added the necessary distribution:

Including an example of a representation's cost:


Use the tool from the swedish Skatteverket to make the correct calculation:



Note: Before changing the cost type, remember to copy the comment as it must be moved down to the same comment field on the split line.


This is an example on how it is booked in the Acubiz bookingfile:


The correct accountnumbers must be included in the setup in your Acubiz.


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