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Version 2.0

Acubiz One version 2.0
(Release 12. april 2019)

New Functionality

  • Acubiz Professionals. A new solution that offers 10 free transactions per month with option to sign up through Store for unlimited usage.
  • New Widget: Unsettled by currency. Available to add from Dashboard setting
    Change approver (if configured) - Now available for users
  • Forward to another approver (if configured) - Now available for approvers
  • Attachment requirement, based on Expense Account is now honored in app. This means, that expenses that do not require receipts can be submitted for approval without attachment. (Configurable in EMS. Available for APP in EMS 7.10).
  • If user is configured to have save-option: Now! No required fields on Save - Requirement only on Submit


  • Offline mode improvements
  • Demo Account with better indication on Dashboard, that it is a Demo account
  • History on transactions now displays all information from EMS (not only approval workflow)
  • Transaction number (from EMS) is now available on all transactions for approval
  • For customers with user specific dimensions (Readers fields): Secretary function is now supported properly.
  • Time transactions not visible in approval section, if time is not configured to be available in One.
  • If saved transaction is not filled in properly: Red-edge indication on transaction in lists
    Mileage (Map) - Ferry distance is now subtracted from total distance

Bug fixes

  • Generel:
    • Transfer on Request - Mileage creation w/Save option. Save should always default save in app - not in cloud. Now fixed.
    • Mileage - Mandatory requirement for Registration number can be fooled by empty space. Now fixed.
    • Mileage - Odometer info now only visible if configured to be available
  • Android
    • Change password, and new password contains special character - causes issue with logging in to web. Now fixed.
    • Image rezising in app in some cases make receipt unreadable
  • iOS
    • Slow loading time on loading images from picture library. Now fixed
    • Image is saved upside down when taking a picture from iPads. Now fixed


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