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Export data received from an Acubiz Professional user

An Acubiz Professional user can submit data from his Acubiz solution, which contains documentation for the expenses incurred. Upon receipt of such an email, it contains the following:



  1. A PDF overview file.
  2. A CSV file that can be opened in Excel
  3. A link to all receipts that can be downloaded in one single archive file (ZIP)


PDF file:

The PDF file contains an overview of the transactions received from Acubiz. These transactions are selected by the user himself. In the PDF file there are links directly to the receipts per. transaction. Remember to download them within 5 days as the link expires after 5 days and the files are deleted


CSV file:

A CSV file that contains more specific information about the expenses made by the user and will be an obvious basis for any. accounting in an accounting system.



Link to all receipts:

In the mail there is a link where you can download an archive file (ZIP format) that contains all receipts received for posting.


After the archive file is unpacked on the computer, the individual receipts can be seen:


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