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Acubiz Professional - export your data

In Acubiz Professional it is possible to export the transactions you want. The data retrieved from Acubiz One will open a new mail on your phone, allowing you to choose who should receive this data. It could be your accountant, accounting officer or yourself (or all at the same time).

For the data export to work, it is important that you have an active mail account on your mobile phone. Here, Acubiz refers to instructions from your mobile phone manufacturer and / or supplier.

How to export data:

Acubiz one can export from 2 locations.

  1. Select directly from the menu
  2. Select the export icon in the favorite bar



Then choose which period you want to extract data from in the upper blue area:


Then, select the transactions you want to export by selecting them as shown above at the red arrows.

Selected transaction:


Not selected transaction

Exit by pressing CREATE EXPORT FILES.


Acubiz One will then calculate and perform data export (can take from 10-20 seconds).

An e-mail opens and you need to specify the recipient(s) you wish to send to.




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