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Download an already exported file - Export reports


In Acubiz EMS, it is possible to download an already exported export file. This is possible regardless of whether manual export is used or if here is an automatic integration between the Acubiz and the ERP system.

All export files are automatically stored in a history that can only be accessed if you have the FINANCE role in Acubiz. This feature will most often be used if manual manual exports are used and one has come to delete the file locally or the like.

Download an export file.

The entire history of all previously exported exportfiles will be located in this archive.

Switch to FINANCE area:

Go to the EXPORT menu and then select the REPORTS submenu and then EXPORT REPORTS

I historikken kan der være eksport rapporter for følgende eksporttyper - afhængig af hvilke der benyttes i den enkelte Acubiz løsning. (De oftest benyttede er de 3-4 første)

In the history, there may be export reports for the following export types - depending on which one is used in the individual Acubiz solution. (The most frequently used, are the 3-4 first ones)

  1. E-Trans invoiced (Credit Card invoice)
  2. Expense Accounts (Costs)
  3. Immediate (Credit Card Provision)
  4. Salary (Payroll files)
  5. Advances
  6. Time (Payroll files from time registration)
  7. IMS Approved invoices (Invoice Management Service)

Select the export type (one of the above) to get export file:


Click on the date and the export report opens. Here is a copy of the exact export file that was previously exported.


Download the file by right-clicking and clicking "Save link as" (This method may vary depending on which browser is used)


This will allow you to download the export file to your local computer or to a local network drive where data can be further processed for the ERP system.

NOTE: For automated integration, with (S) FTP data exchange, it is not possible to put the file on the (S) FTP server again. This can only happen at the automated time of the original export.

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