Login to Acubiz One

To use Acubiz One, you must have access to Acubiz systems through your company's agreement with Acubiz. Once you have, you can log in.

There are 3 things to know

  1. CompanyID (Company ID at Acubiz)
  2. Username (usually initials, email address or employee number)
  3. Password

If you are in doubt about the above information, please contact your company's internal contact person (usually a person in the finance department)

Sign in for the first time

The first time you log in, you may not have received a password. You can therefore request a password directly from the login page - provided you know your CompanyID and username.


When the above is entered correctly, press LOG IN and you log in.

Acubiz One will remember your login for the next time you open the app (you are logged in directly) - unless you logout within the menu.

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