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Introduction and FAQ

How does the integration work?

Generally, it works as follows:

  • A file with complete dimension information is provided to Acubiz EMS 'server (eg Daily)
  • Acubiz EMS imports the file daily and updates users based on the unique key delivered
    • Creates new dimensions
    • Correct existing dimensions
    • Disables dimensions

Communication to Acubiz EMS

  • An FTP account is established with Acubiz EMS for which files are to be delivered
  • Integration via web service


What systems can Acubiz EMS integrate with?

Acubiz EMS has integrated with SAP, Navision, Microsoft, VISMA and a number of other systems.
As long as your current system dimensions contain the necessary information and it can create files, there is basically nothing wrong with automating

How do we move on?

Examine the options your data delevery system has in terms of delivering files to Acubiz EMS, as well as what information is available in your system. Then you contact Acubiz EMS and we will talk about options, etc.

Should all dimensions be sent each time or only send changes?

As long as changes are sent, Acubiz EMS can handle both a full active list or a file only with changes. Note, however, that Acubiz EMS must be notified when a dimension is to be deactivated - otherwise it will remain active.

Are there any information on a dimension that may not change?

It is the unique value for the dimension that determines whether it is being created or updated. This key must be unique and must not change in the "life span" of the dimension. Typically, the export value for a dimension (e.g., Cost Center No.) is also the unique value - but if there are both cost centers and projects with the same number, something needs to be done to make the numbers unique - typically the dimensional level is set in front: Example:


Are documents in process updated in Acubiz EMS for changes (eg. status)

No, these are not updated - so projects that are set on costs before the project is closed is also on the cost after it was closed - but new costs can not apply to a closed project.

We have dimensions that are not in the delevery system - can we manually maintain these?

Yes, you can do that - a dimension can either be maintained automatically or manually. Just be aware of not using unique keys that could be used from the automatic data delivery

Is there any feedback if something goes wrong?

Der kan sættes notifikation op via mail når import af dimensioner er afviklet – du bestemmer om det er hver gang eller kun ved fejl

Notification can be via mail when import of dimensions has been settled. You decide whether or not there are notifications only on errors or at all times

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